Speech & Drama



Speech and Drama is an art of learning through play. Speech and Drama program enables our talent scout students to learn all the below in a fun and creative way: How to pronounce and articulate words, speak clearly and read accurately to express themselves better how to control and project their voice how to vary their pitch and tone knowing how to express the emotions appropriately

演说和戏剧是通过戏剧学习的艺术。 演说和戏剧方案使我们的学生能够以有趣和创造性的方式学习以下所有内容: 如何发音和表达单词,说清楚,准确阅读 更好的更自信的表达自己 如何控制和投射自己的声音 如何改变他们的音调和音调 知道如何适当地表达情绪